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Weddings Ceremonies


Weekend Packages  |  From $700.00

Friday to Sunday


Weekday Packages  |  From $600.00

Monday to Thursday

Renewal of Vows

It is a wonderful experience to renew your vows.   All couples are eligible and who have been married for any length of time, can arrange a "Renewal of Vows" Ceremony.


Renewal of Vows   |   From $550.00

Naming Ceremonies

A Naming Ceremony is not a traditional religious ceremony rather than a very special way to "welcome" your child into the community.


Naming Ceremony   |  From $500.00

Elopement Packages


Intimate Ceremonies

Legalisation of SSM Commitment

Legalisation of Destination Weddings


Call me if you'd like to discuss your

exciting "Elopement"

Pricing   |  From $700.00

Same Sex Marriage Unions

Senior Gay Couple


Let me help you to design a special Celebration - designed to your requirements.

I welcome your call to discuss perhaps the "long awaited" Legalisation of your

Commitment to one another.


Pricing    |   From $700.00


Celebrations of Life

It would be my honour to assist your family

with the facilitation of your

Loved One's

Celebration of Life

and/or Farewell 

Pricing     |    From $600.00

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