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  Legal  Requirements

Under the Marriage Act 1961 there are certain obligations that you, as a couple intending to marry, are required to meet prior to a marriage ceremony being solemnised.  Carol can make the process seamless for you.    This will give you an idea of what is involved:


  • A Notice of Intended Marriage Form (NOIM) is required to be lodged with your proposed Marriage Celebrant no less than one calendar month - and no more than eighteen months prior to the marriage being solemnised;   Generally the Notice of Intended Marriage is completed when you have your first meeting with your Carol or within the required time-frame and before the marriage can be solemnised.

  • At the time of lodgement of the NOIM, Persons born in Australia MUST produce their birth Certificate, if you were born outside Australia a current Passport and/or citizenship papers (a birth certificate would be helpful). In the event where a person born overseas has neither a Birth Certificate nor a Passport issued by a Government of an overseas country, a Statutory Declaration will be acceptable.  All documents in languages other than English require a certified translation.   ALL ORIGINALS ARE TO BE SITED prior to the Ceremony

  • If you are divorced a copy of the 'Decree Absolute' (for divorce finalised before 1st July 2002) or 'Certificate of Divorce' (for divorce finalised after 1st July 2002) must be produced. You can complete the NOIM after the Court Hearing, and during the one-month period prior to the decree becoming Absolute. (Some countries have an Annulment Process in lieu of a Divorce System. In this case annulment documentation must also be produced.)

  • If widowed, the original Death Certificate or extract of Death and previous Marriage Certificate must be produced.

  • Before marriage can be solemnised, both parties will be required to sign a Declaration under the Marriage Act 1961, stating they believe there is no legal impediment to their marriage. This Declaration should be made as close as possible to the ceremony.


As your Celebrant - I am here to make the process as stress-free as possible.   Let me assist you with the administrative side as well as the creative aspect.    It's YOUR day YOUR way.


Useful Links - Government Services:


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The latest copy of the Marriage Act 1961: /


Marriage Celebrant + Wedding Hawkesbury
Marriage Celebrant + Wedding Hawkesbury
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